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WENDY SIERRA同学(ku游九州体育,政治学专业,班号B2113094,学号121130990008):


根据《普通高等学校学生管理规定》(中华人民共和国教育部令第41号)第三十条,以及 《ku游九州体育研究生培养管理规定》(沪交研〔2017〕74号)第四十三条应予退学规定第(一)款“学业成绩未达到学校要求或者在学校规定年限内(含休学及批准延期)未完成学业”,ku游九州体育拟对您作退学处理。请在2023年11月20日之前与下述联系人联系,办理相关手续,如您对此学籍处理建议有异议,请在下述时间和地点陈述、申辩您的相关事实、理由及依据。逾期不作任何反馈的,将视为您对此退学处理建议没有异议。






联系人: 曹老师;电话:021-62933095;邮箱:ryantsao@sjtu.edu.cn




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Dear WENDY SIERRA(School of International and Public Affairs,majoring in Political Science,Class ID: B2113094,Student ID: 121130990008),

According to Article 30 of the Provisions on the Administration of Students in Regular Institutions of Higher Education (Order of the Ministry of Education, PR China, No. 41) and ItemⅠ, Article 43 of the SJTU Regulations on Graduate Education and Management (HJY [2017] No.74) on the termination of student status, “the student fails to complete his/her studies within the prescribed study duration (including the period of suspension and approved extension)”, your student status will be terminated and you are requested to withdraw from the university. Please contact the following contact person and complete the necessary procedures. If you have any objection to this request, please appeal with relevant facts, excuses, and evidence at the time and venue as specified below. If no feedback is heard from you within the specified time limit, you will be deemed to have no objection to the request to withdraw from the university.

You are requested to withdraw from the university based on the fact that:

the above mentioned student (WENDY SIERRA) fails to conduct mid-term examination and final defense.

Time and venue to appeal:

Time: 09:00 – 10:00, November 20, 2023.

Venue: Room 238 (Tencent Meeting No.: 101-430-952), Xinjian Building, School of International and Public Affairs;

Contact Person:

Name: Mr. Yang CAO;Tel:021-62933095;E-Mail:ryantsao@sjtu.edu.cn

Office:Room 302, Xinjian Building

School of International and Public Affairs

November 10, 2023

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