Old Farts XVII
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 7th, 2017

Welcome to new members:
Dal O'Toole, Ross Cronin, Sally Watson, Ken Dong & Miguel Arana

Gary Read and Glen Dierker check everybody in for the 17th annual "Old Farts" Luncheon,
while Alex Ling and "Mayor" David Chiu keeps their eyes on the proceedings.

Lisa Cooper, continuing with her "Perfect Attendance" record, covering 17 straight Christmas luncheons and 8 Summer luncheons, is seen here with Ted Cooper, Bud Alexander,
Kevin Blacquiere and Jack Miles

Jim Warren, Glen Dierker & Bud Alexander

Kevin Blacquiere, Jack Miles & Bud Alexander

Jim Warren, Richard Carlin & Lowan Morrison

Tania & Larry Belsito

Maureen Otway & Pat Korenic

Janet Pavlik, Robin Montcalm, Corae McCallems & Gordon Ashmore

Ted & Lisa Cooper

Alex Ling & Gus Mendoza

Wolfgang Walter, Doug Robertson & Ron Waterhouse

Donna Wright, Corae McCallems, Sandy Schick,
Sandie Dexter & Lorill Fochaey

Ron Waterhouse, Leonard Zurkowski & Wolfgang Walter

Clare Ash, Dal O'Toole & Frank Suto

Lauren Wilken, Dorothy Robinson, Katie Holder & Diane Trueman
Lauren travelled from Brandon, MB, via Arizona, to be with us.

Mike Durkin, Dave Moody, Paull Murray & Charles Hardy

Alex Ling & Tom Edwards

Leonard Zurkowski & Karen Kernaghan

Gordon Ashmore

Wolfgang Walter & Ted Cooper

Jim Warren & Carole Robson

Katie Holder & Leonard Zurkowski

Ken Dong & Bud Alexander

Clare Ash, Ole Pii, Jack Miles, Sandie Dexter & Ross Cronin

Larry Belsito & Gerry Barteluk

Denis Forristal & Tania Belsito

Glynis Symington & George Bell

Maureen Otway, Tom Edwards & Kevin Blacquiere

Susan Snider & Miguel Arana

Malcolm & Karen Nicholson, with Sally Watson

Leonard Zurkowski, Susan Snider & Luis Moran

Malcolm & Karen Nicholson

Glen Dierker welcomes everyone to the 17th Annual Christmas
Old Farts Luncheon and gets the festivities started.

Always good to see Jim Warren back in town, visiting from Nebraska.

Lisa Cooper, Pat Korenic & Maureen Otway

Kevin Blacquiere, Gordon Ashmore, Robin Montcalm & Doug Robertson

Ken Bishop, Sandie Dexter, Jack Miles & Charles Hardy

Hana Talimalo, Ron Waterhouse, Diane Trueman,
Paull Murray & Ken Dong

Karen Nicholson, Karen Kernaghan, Debby Stephenson & Gwen Donaldson

Erik Zuyderduyn, Pat Korenic, Mike Durkin & Katie Holder

Phil Storey, Gail & Roger Searson, David Chiu & Lawrence Lee

Larry & Tania Belsito, Gerry Barteluk, Murray Atherton & Gary Read

Glynis Symington, Denis Forristal, Miguel Arana & Luis Moran

Lowan Morrison, Robert McFadden, Beatrice van Koeverden & Norman Read

Clare Ash, Frank Suto, Rick Buecking, Richard Carlin & Lowan Morrison

George Bell, Ole Pii, Sandy Schick & Corae McCallems

Susan Bachop, Lorill Fochaey, Heather Bell & Janet Pavlik

Dave Spaven, Carole Robson, Jim Warren & Gus Mendoza

Sally Watson, Marsha & George Taylor, Laurie Triggs,
Dave Spaven & Carole Robson

David Chiu, Lawrence Lee, Patrick Wang & Anita Chu

Alex Ling, Ross Cronin, Glen Dierker & Phil Storey

Patrick Wang, Anita Chu, Alex Ling, Ross Cronin,
Glen Dierker & Phil Storey


Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowskiui, Maureen Otway & Tom Edwards