Old Farts XVI
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 8th, 2016

Welcome to new members:
Flora Procter, Beatrice van Koeverden, Garry Cameron,
Gordon Read & Lawrence Lee

"Mayor" David Chiu keeps his eye on the check-in facility,
being handled by Stephen Elmy, Tom Edwards and Glen Dierker

Sharon & Gary Read, with Stephen Elmy,
Tom Edwards and Glen Dierker

The YVR Old Farts "Check-In" Team:
Stephen Elmy, Tom Edwards & Glen Dierker

Tom Edwards and Glen Dierker welcome early arrivals;
Debby Stephenson & David Chiu

Marilyn Gardner, Kim Russell & Lorill Fochaey

Debby Stephenson & Pat Korenic

A picture of the Chief Photographer, Leonard Zurkowski

And a return photo of our other photographer, Maureen Otway

Gordon Read & Ken Bishop

Garry Cameron, Jack Miles, Malcolm & Karen Nicholson

Charles Hardy & Peter Paul de Souza

Ted Cooper & Sandie Dexter

Leigh Cusack, Tania & Larry Belsito

Garry Cameron & Gordon Woida

Shirley Woida & Sharon Read

Edie Swaile & Lisa Cooper

Bud Alexander & Robert McFadden

Marsha Taylor & Laurie Triggs

Leonard Zurkowski, Sharon Read, Shirley Woida & Mike Davis

George Bell, Mike Durkin & Heather Bell

"Let's sync our address books...."
Pat Korenic & Susan Bachop

Beatrice van Koeverden & Mike Davis

Gus Mendoza, Sandy Schick & Diane Trueman

Heather Bell, Murray Atherton, Tania Belsito & George Bell

Pat Korenic & Frank Suto

Garry Cameron & Clare Ash

David Elmy & Bob Stevenson

Charles Hardy, Sandie Dexter & Gordon Woida

Flora Procter & Robert McFadden

Kevin Blacquiere, Gordon Ashmore & Leonard Zurkowski

Luis Moran, John McCulloch & Gordon Woida

Janet Pavlik, Susan Bachop & Jan Petrar

Murray Atherton & Debby Stephenson

Roger Searson & Garry Cameron

Heather Bell, Laurie Triggs, Marsha Taylor & Gail Searson

Rick Buecking & Allen Krause

Robin Montcalm, George Bell & George Taylor

Luis Moran, Gus Mendoza, Wellington Lee,
Sandy Schick, Diane Trueman & Hana Talimalo

Patrick Wang greets everyone, with Lawrence Lee, David Chiu & Anita Chu

A group of Old Farts catching up with their friends

Robert McFadden & Beatrice van Koeverden

Kevin Blacquiere, Leigh Cusack, Tania and Larry Belsito & Ivano Corazzo

Gordon Read, Ken Bishop & Norman Read

Mike Durkin asks Wellington Lee for his thoughts on the recent U.S. election

Debby Stephenson & Pat Korenic

Kim Russell, Marilyn Gardner, Lorill Fochaey & Susan Bachop

Jack Miles shows Charles Hardy & Peter Paul de Souza the $20 he made
parking cars earlier in the day

Luis Moran & Erik Zuyderduyn

Sandie Dexter, Charles Hardy & Marilyn Zurkowski

Our bartenders

Jan Petrar & Malcolm and Karen Nicholson

Erik Zuyderduyn, Paull Murray, George & Heather Bell and Mike Durkin

Malcolm Nicholson, Dorothy Robinson, Katie Holder, Jack Miles & Doug Robertson

George Taylor, Elaine Rowe, Don & Edie Swaile

Paull Murray & Clare Ash

Robert McFadden & Flora Procter

Leigh Cusack & Gordon Zavediuk

Gordon Zavediuk, Leigh Cusack, Gus Mendoza, Carlos Hampe & Roger Searson

Mike Davis & Wolfgang Walter

Anita Chu & David Chiu

Bob Stevenson & Ole Pii

Sandy Schick, Jacques Malaspina & Ivano Corazza

Peter Paul de Souza & Diane Trueman

Still celebrating after 50 years of marriage - Lisa & Ted Cooper

Ron Waterhouse, Peter Paul de Souza, Diane Trueman,
Hana Talimalo & Leonard Zurkowski

Murray Atherton, Wolfgang Walter & Lisa Cooper

Ivano Corazza, Sandie Dexter & Ole Pii

Gordon Zavediuk, Doug Robertson, Ivano Corazza,
Sandie Dexter, Ole Pii & Ron Waterhouse

Garry Cameron, Glen Steeves & Clare Ash

Katie Holder, Malcolm & Karen Nicholson

Frank Suto, Susan Bachop & Diane Trueman

Susan Bachop, Leonard Zurkowski & Diane Trueman

Stephen Elmy getting the luncheon underway and welcoming everyone

Glen Dierker advising the "positive" response to next year's luncheon

After a long luncheon, Mike Durkin has all his friend's names
on his back in case he gets lost on the way home.

Panoramic shot of part of the group

And the rest...........


Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Maureen Otway, Luis Moran & Erik Zuyderduyn