Old Farts XV
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 10th, 2015

Welcome to new members:
Gwen Donaldson, Dianne Giovannetti, Kim Russell & Susan Sandulak

Stephen Elmy and Gary Read, checking in the Old Farts

Pat Korenic & Stephen Elmy

Glen Dierker, Ron Waterhouse, Susan Bachop & Joan Pitman register with Stephen Elmy

Glen Steeves with Gordon & Shirley Woida

Dianne Giovannetti, Marilyn Gardner, Sandie Dexter, Maureen Otway & Phil Storey

Richard Carlin & Laurie Triggs

Sandie Dexter & Debby Stephenson

Don & Edie Swaile, Richard Carlin & Marilyn Zurkowski

Glen Steeves, Elaine Rowe & Shirley Woida

Rick Buecking & Luis Moran

Sandie Dexter & Luis Moran

George Taylor & Bud Alexander

Peter Paul de Souza & Charles Hardy

Ole Pii, Sandie Dexter, Penny Dalton & Cathy Denroche

Ivano Corazza, Peter Paul de Souza, Charles Hardy, Larry & Tania Belsito

Jack Miles sets up the group and Sandie Dexter take the shot.

Mike Durkin, Katie Holder & Wolfgang Walter

Kim Russell, Gwen Donaldson, Marilyn Gardner, Dianne Giovannetti
Lorill Fochaey & Lisa Cooper

Gordon Froese, Susan Bachop & Robin Montcalm

Angus Wilkinson, Jeffrey Barnett, Susan Sandulak & David Elmy

Pat Korenic & Susan Bachop

Mike Durkin, Peter Paul de Souza & Rick Buecking

Sandie Dexter & Maureen Otway
(Two of our photographers)

Marilyn Gardner, Mike Durkin & Laurie Triggs

Susan Sandulak, David Elmy, Bud Alexander & Gordon Froese

Shirley & Gordon Woida and Frank Suto

Lorill Fochaey, Gwen Donaldson & Kim Russell

Glen Dierker & Robert McFadden

Lisa Cooper & Penny Dalton

John Mee & Ted Cooper

Ron Waterhouse and Leonard Zurkowski

Tania & Larry Belsito

Wellington Lee & Jack Miles

Heather Bell, Murray Atherton & Angus Wilkinson

John Pavlik & George Bell

Erik Zuyderduyn, Alex Ling & Glen Dierker

Gordon Froese & Erik Zuyderduyn

Charles Hardy, Luis Moran & Jack Miles

Glen Steeves & Mike Durkin

Ron Waterhouse & Dave Moody

Peter Paul de Souza & Rick Buecking

Susan Sandulak, David Elmy, Bud Alexander & Gordon Froese

Another shot of our two photographers, Maureen Otway and Sandie Dexter

Edie & Don Swaile

Robert McFadden, Shirley & Gordon Woida

Jack Miles, Charles Hardy, Murray Atherton & Leigh Cusack

Pat Korenic &  Susan Bachop

Glynis Symington & Glen Steeves

Ted Allen & Debby Stephenson

Leigh Cusack, Jack Miles & Leonard Zurkowski

Glynis Symington & Glen Steeves

Jack Miles & Ken Bishop

Richard Carlin, Angus Wilkinson, David Elmy & Susan Sandulak

Rick Buecking, Wellington Lee & Frank Suto

Alan Thompson, Glen Steeves & Glen Dierker

Tony Dalton, Cathy Denroche & Luis Moran

Katie Holder, Dorothy Robinson & Gary Read

Leonard Zurkowski, Malcolm & Karen Nicholson

Alec Burden & Sandie Dexter

Debby Stephenson, Lisa Cooper & Pat Korenic

Laurie Triggs & Robin Montcalm

Richard Carlin, Lowan Morrison & Leonard Zurkowski

Wellington Lee & Jack Miles

Glen Steeves, Lowan Morrison & Elaine Rowe

Rick Buecking, Ivano Corazza, Richard Carlin & Mike Durkin

Gwen Donaldson, Kim Russell, Marilyn Gardner
Dianne Giovannetti & Lorill Fochaey

Tony Dalton, Corrine Moryson & Gordon Ashmore

Alex Ling & Frank Suto

Leigh Cusack & Gordon Zavediuk

Donna Wright, Angus Wilkinson & David Elmy
(Photobombers are John Mee & Ted Cooper)

Doug Robertson & Luis Moran

Marsha Taylor & Ken Bishop

Panoramic view of the Old Farts group at the start of the luncheon

Stephen Elmy gets things going by welcoming the new members to the luncheon

Glen Dierker explains why....
"Christmas would not be Christmas without the Old Farts Luncheon"


Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Maureen Otway, Luis Moran & Sandie Dexter