Old Farts XIV
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 11th, 2014

Welcome to new members:
Eugena Carela, Mike Davis, Alisia Diaz, Patti Dorin,
Sid Fattedad, John McCulloch, Alison Phillips & Gail Searson

and long-time returning members:
Sten Linde, Carol Valhbruch & Michael Watson

And now for this year's pictures....

Tom Edwards and Stephen Elmy greet first arrivals, Alan Thompson,
Maureen Otway, Pat Korenic and David Chiu

Stephen Elmy helps Glynis Symington with her name tag, while Tom Edwards
checks in Alan Thompson, Maureen Otway and Pat Korenic

Stephen Elmy arranging all the name tags in some semblance of order

Gary Read and Stephen Elmy

Fred Whyte, Murray Atherton, Doug McIntyre, Gary & Sharon Read

Gary & Sharon Read, Glynis Symington, Ivano Corazza & Denis Forristal

Sid Fattedad joined us this year and introduced his new book on his years with
Canadian Airlines. He is seen here, signing Leonard Zurkowski's book

Tom Edwards is looking for his table partners

George and Marsha Taylor, with Glynis Symington

Robert McFadden, Maureen Otway & Bud Alexander

Wellington Lee & Marilyn Gardner

Gary Read and Richard Carlin

Alan Thompson, Pat Korenic & Wellington Lee

Glynis Symington and Leonard Zurkowski

Marsha & George Taylor, with Maureen Otway

Alan Thompson explains just how it's done, to Richard Carlin.
Pat Korenic and Bud Alexander catching up, in the background

Doug Robertson and Bu Alexander

Gary Read, Anita Chu, Patrick Wang & Sharon Read

Alan Thompson, Kevin Blacquiere & Ted Allen

Gary Read, Sten Linde & Tom Edwards

Leonard Zurkowski, Katie Holder and Dorothy Robinson

Glen Steeves and Sharon Read

Ivano Corazza, Marilyn Gardner & Murray Atherton

George Taylor and Doug McIntyre

Janet Pavlik and Laurie Triggs

Denis Forristal, Luis Moran, Murray Atherton & Doug Robertson

Rick Buecking and Marcia Pike, with John McCulloch in the background

Elaine Rowe gives Gary Read and Mike Durkin her autograph
while Pat Korenic and Glen Steeves look on from the background

Glen Steeves, Elaine Rowe & Mike Durkin

Fred Whyte and Wellington Lee

Karen & Malcolm Nicholson with John Mee

Robin Montcalm, Mike Durkin & Hana Talimalo

Ron Waterhouse and Leonard Zurkowski

Phil Storey with Gail & Roger Searson

"Hi Sten Linde, my name is Charles Hardy.."

Doug Robertson, Ken Bishop, Charles Hardy & Sten Linde

Kevin Blacquiere and Jacques Malaspina
Hablas espaņol?'

John McCulloch with Malcolm & Karen Nicholson
(Who's doling out the cash here?)

Peter Barnett with Eugena Carela & Alisia Diaz

Sid Fattedad, Frank Suto & Donna Wright

Sharon Read, Katie Holder & Dorothy Robinson

Penny Dalton, Kathleen & Frank Addison

Susan Snider and Diane Trueman

Maureen Otway and Glynis Symington

Robert McFadden, Bud Alexander, Wellington Lee, Sid Fattedad & Richard Carlin

Charles Hardy & Ivano Corazza

Gordon Ashmore & Denis Forristal

Malcolm & Karen Nicholson, with Wellington Lee & Kathleen Addison

Frank Addison and Greg Moon

Gail Searson, Glynis Symington, Elaine Rowe & Sandie Dexter
(Glen Steeves & Sharon Read, off to the side, conspiring how to photobomb this picture)

Fred Whyte & Gary Read

Marilyn Gardner & Jacques Malaspina

Penny Dalton, Robin Montcalm & Gordon Ashmore

Alan Thompson, Rick Buecking & John McCulloch

Elaine Rowe, Glen Steeves, Mike Durkin, Ron Waterhouse
Gary Read, Roger & Gail Searson

Robert McFadden with Frank & Kathleen Addison, in the lineup....

John Pavlik & Lisa Cooper

Lisa & Ted Cooper

Doug McIntyre, Dorothy Robinson, Katie Holder & Wellington Lee

John & Janet Pavlik

Carol Vahlbruch, Luis Moran & Marilyn Gardner

Denis Forristal, Murray Atherton, Kathleen & Frank Addison

Bud Alexander, David Elmy, Shirley Jackman & Angus Wilkinson

Sten Linde & Charles Hardy photobombed by Luis Moran

Mike Durkin & Hana Talimalo

David Elmy, Robin Montcalm & Susan Snider

Glen Steeves and Clare Ash

Jacques Malaspina, Sandy Schick, Patti Dorin, Sandie Dexter,
Alison Phillips, Greg Moon & Denis Forristal, all in the "lit" part of the room

Marilyn Gardner, Donna Wright, Helen Grant, Glynis Symington & Debby Stephenson

Leonard Zurkowski, Sandy Schick, Alison Phillips & Jacques Malaspina

Mike Durkin and Katie Holder

Wendy Frost, Marilyn Gardner & Debby Stephenson

Maureen Otway, Peter de Souza, Bev Cutler, Lisa Cooper, Charles Hardy & Sten Linde

Mike Durkin with Jeffrey & Peter Barnett

Bob Cooke & Pat Korenic

Ole Pii, Wellington Lee, Ron Waterhouse & Doug Robertson

Stephen Elmy, Frank Suto & Lisa Cooper
(Great vests, guys...)

Glen Dierker & Ian Davis

Peter de Souza catches hugs from Diane Trueman and Hana Talimalo

The lights finally came on........
Stephen Elmy welcomes everyone an invites them to take a seat and lunch will begin. Leonard Zurkowski and Hana Talimalo are ready for the "first course"

Ron Waterhouse presents Stephen Elmy with a box of "bacon-flavoured" toothpicks

Hana Talimalo & Alan Thompson

Ivano Corazza, Ron Waterhouse & Diane Trueman

Stephen Elmy, Karen Nicholson, Kevin Blacquiere & Ted Cooper

Luis Moran with Sharon & Gary Read, Dorothy Robinson & Katie Holder

Donna Wright, Wendy Frost, Ken Bishop, Marilyn Gardner & Denis Forristal

Katie Holder & Wellington Lee are photobombed by Frank Suto

Malcolm Nicholson & Bob Southern

Old work buddies - Penny Dalton & Carol Vahlbruch

David Elmy with Alisia Diaz and Eugena Carela

And then this year's luncheon was over and some old friends
gathered for a group shot.
Back row: Ron Waterhouse, Stephen Elmy, Hana Talimalo & Lisa Cooper
Front row: Susan Snider, Diane Trueman & Alan Thompson

A special word of thanks to David Chiu for helping select the menu, arranging for the lower beverage prices, and organizing free parking for everyone who managed to get into the Parkade before the unannounced "power outage".

Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Sandie Dexter, Tom Edwards and Maureen Otway