Old Farts XIV
Summer Luncheon

Sharkey's Seafood Bar & Grille
4953 Chisholm Street
Ladner, BC

June 11th, 2014

Welcome to new members:
Bob Cooke, Lynda Cumming, Bob McFadden, Chris Potter,
Elaine Rowe, Dick Vandam & John Van der Flaes

Stephen Elmy, Christina, Tom Edwards and Gary Read, checking in the Old Farts

Susan Snider, Chris Potter & Stephen Elmy

Luis Moran, about to "anoint" Gary Read

Once again, it looks like Frank Suto & Stephen Elmy
have been shopping at the same clothing store

Sandie Dexter, Lynda Cumming & Karen Kernaghan

Sandie Dexter & Lynda Cumming

Chris Potter & Sandie Dexter

Chris Potter, Sandie Dexter & Lynda Cumming

Pat Modesto-Korenic, Rich Buecking & Laurie Triggs

Gerry Barteluk, Angus Wilkinson & Murray Atherton

Kevin Blacquiere, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Jim Warren

Karen Kernaghan & Leonard Zurkowski

Jack Miles & Frank Addison

Wellington Lee, Mike Durkin & Paull Murray
(get photobombed by Sandie Dexter)

Ron Moore & Alan Thompson

Bob McFadden, Richard Carlin, Peter Paul de Souza & Ron Moore

Stephen Elmy & Sandie Dexter

Laurie Triggs, Susan Bachop & Dick Vandam
(Welcome back to YVR, Dick)

Leigh Cusack, Ken Bishop & George Bell

Leigh Cusack, Sally Samler, Ken Bishop & George Bell

Jack Miles & Ian Becket

Laurie Triggs & Debbie Stephenson

Charles Hardy & Glen Steeves

Larry Belsito, Murray Atherton, Angus Wilkinson & Gerry Barteluk

Tania Belsito

Laurie Triggs, Karen Kernaghan, Debby Stephenson & Sally Samler

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Lynda Cumming

Leonard Zurkowski, Bob McFadden, Sandie Dexter & Don Swaile

Wellington Lee & Angus Wilkinson

Kevin Blacquiere & Jim Warren

Frank Addison, Bob McFadden, Peter Paul de Souza & Ron Moore

Marsha & George Taylor with Dick Vandam

Jim Warren, Murray Atherton & Leonard Zurkowski

One of the photographers at work.....

Bob McFadden & Susan Snider

Jack Miles, Dick Vandam & Peter Paul de Souza

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Rick Buecking

Tom Edwards & Jim Warren

Lynda Cumming, Debby Stephenson & Sally Samler

Paull Murray, Ron Moore & Mike Durkin

Charles Hardy, Frank Addison & Luis Moran

Frank Addison, Ian Becket, Paull Murray, Ron Moore & Mike Durkin

(I think it's) Frank Addison & Lynda Cumming

Richard Carlin & Laurie Triggs

Dick Vandam, Richard Carlin & Laurie Triggs

Dick Vandam, Laurie Triggs & Elaine Rowe

Chris Potter & Ken Bishop

Wellington Lee & Charles Hardy

Susan Bachop & Chris Potter

Wellington Lee, "Is this what I ordered for lunch?"

Wellington Lee & Sandie Dexter

Wellington Lee & Rick Buecking displaying their "Dancing With The Stars" form

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Bob Cooke

Paull Murray & Charles Hardy

Paull Murray, Charles Hardy & Ken Bishop

Sandie Dexter & Tom Edwards

Susan Snider, Maureen Otway & Bob McFadden

Heather & George Bell with Laurie Triggs

Sandie Dexter, "Shoot me and I'll shoot you..."

Gerry Barteluk, Angus Wilkinson & Murray Atherton

Heather & George Bell
John Van der Flaes enjoying a beverage in the background

Sally Samler, Karen Kernaghan, Debby Stephenson & Susan Bachop

Mike Durkin, Wellington Lee & Alan Thompson

Tania & Larry Belsito, with Leigh Cusack

Richard Carlin, Frank Addison, Luis Moran, Peter Paul de Souza & Bob McFadden

Elaine Rowe, Glen Steeves & Don Swaile

Leigh Cusack, Maureen Otway & Luis Moran

Marsha Taylor & Susan Snider

Bob Cooke, Frank Suto & Claire Rottare 

Frank Tovey, Bob Cooke, Maureen Otway, Frank Suto & Claire Rottare

Sandie Dexter, Jack Miles, Ken Bishop & Charles Hardy

Sandie Dexter & Jack Miles

Chris Potter & Lynda Cumming

Kevin Blacquiere & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Some of our group, enjoying the luncheon at Sharkey's Seafood Bar & Grille

Claire Rottare, Frank Tovey, Richard Carlin, Bob Cooke & Frank Suto

Paull Murray, Stephen Elmy, Jim Warren & Luis Moran

Elaine Rowe & Glen Steeves

Ken Bishop explains how he organized the sunshine today...

Lynda Cumming, Heather & George Bell, with Chris Potter

Frank Tovey, Claire Rottare, Bob Cooke & Frank Suto

Jim Warren relates his first driving trip to Nebraska,
to Paull Murray, Stephen Elmy & Leonard Zurkowski

Glen Steeves, Don Swaile, Ian Becket & Elaine Rowe

Some of our Old Farts group, enjoying lunch in the sunshine

Richard Carlin & Frank Addison

Sandie Dexter & Claire Rottare

Tania & Larry Belsito, with Leigh Cusack

Stephen Elmy gets dining information from Sharkey's manager, Andreas,
prior to getting the 2014 Summer Luncheon underway

One needs to really "speak up" when outside on the patio....

Frank Tovey, Bob Cooke, Frank Suto & Claire Rottare

Richard Carlin, Frank Addison, Peter Paul de Souza & Bob McFadden

Rick Buecking, Mike Durkin, Wellington Lee & Alan Thompson

Marsha Taylor, Susan Snider, Laurie Triggs & George Taylor

Sally Samler, Karen Kernaghan, Debby Stephenson & Susan Bachop

Our two "long distance" VIPs:
Dick Vandam (Brussels) and John Van der Flaes (Muscat),
with Gary Read and Wolfgang Walter

A panorama shot prior to lunch at Sharkey's

Another panoramic view of the 14th Annual Old Farts Summer Luncheon group

Après Old Farts.....

Sandie Dexter, Paull Murray, Tom Edwards, Susan Snider & Stephen Elmy
enjoying some beverages following the luncheon


Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Sandie Dexter, Maureen Otway, Tom Edwards & Gary Read