Old Farts XIII
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 12th, 2013

Welcome to new members:
Gordon Chatry, Anita Chu, Medy Dytuco, Don Gardner,
Gary Gumley, Alex Ling, Sandra Low, Greg Moon and Sharon Read

and long-time returning members:
Anne & Ken Davidson, Patrick Doyle, Bob & Renate Stevenson,
Jeff Webb and Jim Whyte

And now for this year's pictures....

Gary Read and Stephen Elmy greet the members as they arrive

Kevin Blacquiere and Angus Wilkinson checking in for the luncheon

If you don't register and pay early, your luncheon will cost a lot more

Stephen Elmy checks in Alex Ling, Ron Waterhouse and David Chiu by WiFi

Rick Buecking waits for Wellington Lee to complete the "check-in" process

Edie & Don Swaile with Stephen Elmy

Bob Southern arrives for the luncheon in style

Ken Bishop and Sandy Kollenz, with Bob Southern

Jack Miles, Doug Robertson, Murray Atherton & George Clark

Glynis Symington, Gordon Woida, Sandie Dexter & Gary Gumley

Angus Wilkinson, Charles Hardy, Murray Atherton & Kevin Blacquiere

Tom Edwards, Mike Durkin, Sandie Dexter & Angus Wilkinson

Lisa Cooper, Janet Pavlik & George Bell

Anne Davidson & Murray Atherton

Ken & Anne Davidson, with Murray Atherton

John Mee, Alan Thompson & Richard Carlin

Debby Stephenson, Marilyn Gardner, Sandie Dexter & Ron Waterhouse

Dave Moody, John Mee, Frank Suto & Wellington Lee

David Chiu, Stephen Elmy, George Clark & Alex Ling

Tom Edwards & Sandie Dexter

Jim Whyte, Stephen Elmy & George Clark

Diane Trueman, Sandie Dexter & Hana Talimalo

Patrick Wang, Anita Chu, Alan Thompson, Ole Pii,
Frank Suto & Gary Gumley

Stephen Elmy & Susan Snider

Tom Edwards creating a "Kodak Moment"

Medy Dytuco & Pat Modesto

Mike Durkin, Kevin Blacquiere & Wellington Lee

Maureen Byrnell & Debby Stephenson

Laurie Triggs & Sandie Dexter

Laurie Triggs, Sandie Dexter & Maureen Otway

Ken & Anne Davidson, with Tom Edwards

George Clark & Susan Snider

Edie & Don Swaile, with Glynis Symington

Edie & Don Swaile, with Maureen Otway

David Moody & Frank Addison

Bob Southern

Donna Webb & Rick Buecking

Stephen Elmy & Phil Storey

Heather Bell, Sharon Read & George Bell

Frank Addison, Don Hancock, Kevin Blacquiere & Luis Moran

Jim Whyte & Wellington Lee

Gordon Chatry & Angus Wilkinson

Leonard Zurkowski & Malcolm Nicholson

Lisa Cooper & Jeffrey Barnett

Wayne Dale & Paull Murray

Ron Waterhouse & Peter Armstrong

Don & Edie Swaile, with Don Hancock

Mike Durkin & Sandie Dexter

Susan Snider & Leonard Zurkowski

Robin Montcalm, Susan Snider & Gordon Ashmore

Jim Whyte, Pat Modesto, Medy Dytuco, Laurie Triggs & Jack Miles

Rick Buecking, Donna & Richard Webb, Paull Murray

Mike Durkin, Alex Ling & Dave Moody

Heather Bell, Sharon Read, George Clark & George Bell

Stephen Elmy, Phil Storey & Luis Moran

Marcia Pike, Ken Bishop, Glynis Symington, Corrine Moryson & Donna Wright

Bev Cutler, Ted Allen & Doreen Staines

Leonard Zurkowski & Gary Gumley

George Clark & Jack Miles

Gordon Woida, Charles Hardy, Paull Murray & Wayne Dale

Rick Buecking, Edie & Don Swaile

Medy Dytuco, Glynis Syminton, Gary Read and Laurie Triggs

Gordon Woida, Leonard Zurkowski, Sandie Dexter & Gary Gumley

Medy Dytuco, George Clark & Marcia Pike

Jack Miles, Marilyn & Don Gardner

Kevin Blacquiere & Marilyn Gardner

Sharon Read & Gary Gumley

Laurie Triggs, Luis Moran, Gordon Woida & Richard Carlin

Angus Wilkinson explaining the "Facts of Life" to Jack Miles, Charles Hardy,
Murray Atherton & Tom Edwards

Maureen Byrnell & Glynis Symington

George & Heather Bell with Janet Pavlik

Donna Wright, Corrine Moryson & Murray Atherton

Wellington Lee, Mike Durkin & Kevin Blacquiere

Ladies & Gentlemen.... It's Show Time....
Doug Robertson & Frank Addison

George Clark, David Elmy & Shirley Jackman

George Clark, David Elmy, Shirley Jackman & Angus Wilkinson

Don & Marilyn Gardner, Lorill Fochaey & Ken Bishop

Ian Davis & Sandie Dexter

Doug Robertson, Luis Moran, Carlos Hampe & Roger Searson

Rick Buecking, Ivano Corazza & Sandra Low

Richard Webb, Paull Murray & Donna Webb

Wayne Dale, Anne Davidson & Karen Nicholson

Carlos Hampe, Jeffrey & Peter Barnett

Charles Hardy, Ken Bishop, Jack Miles & Ian Davis

Don Hancock, Ian Davis, Glen Dierker & Patrick Wang

Glen Dierker & Ian Davis

Maureen Otway, Frank Addison & Maureen Byrnell

Bob Southern & Gus Mendoza

Don & Marilyn Barker, Lorill Fochaey & Ivano Corazza

Ivano Corazza, Sandra Low, Bob Southern, Gus Mendoza & Greg Moon

Shirley Jackman, Angus Wilkinson, Don Hancock, Peter & Jeffrey Barnett,
Patrick Doyle, George Clark & David Elmy

Peter & Jeffrey Barnett, Patrick Doyle, George Clark, Jim Cameron,
David Elmy & Shirley Jackman

Charles Hardy, Gordon Woida, Jack Miles, Sandie Dexter,
Ken Bishop, Doug Robertson, Don & Edie Swaile

Jack Miles, Sandie Dexter, Ken Bishop, Doug Robertson, Don & Edie Swaile

Richard Webb, Paull Murray, Donna Webb & Wayne Dale

Janet Pavlik, George & Heather Bell

Glynis Symington, Gordon Ashmore, Robin Montcalm, Renate & Bob Stevenson,
Doreen Staines, Ted Allen & Bev Cutler

Ted Allen, Bev Cutler, Donna Wright, Corrine Moryson, Murray Atherton,
one of our "peace loving" servers & Glynis Symington

Dishing up the soup to
Donna Wright, Corrine Moryson, a hungry Murray Atherton & Glynis Symington

Gary & Sharon Read, Alan Thompson, Luis Moran,
Carlos Hampe, Kevin Blacquiere & Phil Storey

Malcolm & Karen Nicholson, Gary & Sharon Read

Susan Snider, Laurie Triggs, Marsha Taylor, Jim Whyte, Richard Carlin,
Gary Gumley, Rick Buecking, Sandy Kollenz, Mike Durkin & Marcia Pike

Susan Snider, Laurie Triggs, Marsha Taylor, Jim Whyte & Richard Carlin

Rick Buecking, Sandy Kollenz, Mike Durkin & Marcia Pike

Dave Moody, Glen Dierker, Ian Davis, Alex Ling, David Chiu,
Anita Chu, Patrick Wang, Ken Davidson, Wellington Lee & Anne Davidson

David Chiu, Anita Chu, Patrick Wang, Ken Davidson, Wellington Lee,
Anne Davidson, Dave Moody, Glen Dierker, Ian Davis &  Alex Ling

Stephen Elmy starting to put the website pictures in order,
while Paull Murray nurses a single malt Scotch

A special word of thanks to David Chiu for supplying the delicious Custard Tarts for dessert again this year.

Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Sandie Dexter, Tom Edwards and Maureen Otway