Old Farts XIII
Summer Luncheon

Sharkey's Seafood Bar & Grille
4953 Chisholm Street
Ladner, BC

June 12th, 2013

Welcome to new member:
Elizabeth Pantelidis

Stephen Elmy burning the midnight oil updating the Old Farts website

Elizabeth Pantelidis joins Stephen Elmy at the check-in table

Murray Atherton, Don Hancock, John & Janet Pavlik and Ted Cooper checking in for the luncheon

Gerry Barteluk, Don Hancock, John & Janet Pavlik and Ted Cooper

Leonard Zurkowski giving camera lessons to Sandie Dexter while Ken Bishop looks on

Leonard Zurkowski and Luis Moran buying drink coupons from Christina at Sharkey's

Leonard Zurkowski with Stephen Elmy & Christina, our hostess

YVR Old Farts "Drink Board"

Corae McCallems, Glen Steeves & Janet Pavlik

Luis Moran and Ted Cooper

Richard Carlin, Don Swaile & Jack Miles

Janet Pavlik and Larry Belsito

Sharkey's owner (and bartender), Andrea (Dre) Frustaci and two of our servers, Jodie and Danielle

Marilyn Zurkowski & Lisa Cooper

Maureen Otway and Ken Bishop

Ole Pii, Corae McCallems & Maureen Otway

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Richard Carlin

Don Swaile and Peter Paul de Souza

Murray Atherton and Tom Edwards resting on Angus Wilkinson

Gary Read, Jack Miles & Don Swaile

Mike Durkin & Luis Moran

Glen Steeves & Don Swaile

Ken Bishop & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Glen Steeves, Don Hancock & Gary Read

Ian Becket & Jack Miles

Sandie Dexter taking a picture of Maureen Otway taking a picture of Lisa Cooper & Marilyn Zurkowski

Laurie Triggs and Pat Modesto-Korenic

Denis Forristal & Kevin Blacquiere

Pat Modesto-Korenic and Wellington Lee

Mike Durkin & Leonard Zurkowski

Sandie Dexter & Richard Carlin

Frank Addison (being massaged by Luis Moran)

Murray Atherton & Frank Addison

Claire Rottare, Sandie Dexter & Susan Snider

Gerry Barteluk & Wayne Dale

Gerry Barteluk, Tom Edwards & Murray Atherton

Janet Pavlik & Corae McCallems

Gerry Barteluk, Maureen Otway & Murray Atherton

Marilyn Zurkowski, Debby Stephenson, Lisa Cooper & Susan Snider

Gerry Barteluk, Tom Edwards & Murray Atherton

Jack Miles, Ken Bishop & Sandie Dexter

Gary Read indicates to Pat Modesto-Korenic the amount of tolerance given to late registrants

Dennis Forristal, Kevin Blacquiere & Leigh Cusack

Alan Thompson, Wellington Lee & Luis Moran

Alan Thompson & Luis Moran

Maureen Otway & Ken Bishop

Sandie Dexter, Peter Paul de Souza, Murray Atherton & Frank Addison

Gerry Barteluk, Luis Moran & Murray Atherton

Mike Durkin & Wellington Lee

Corae McCallems, Maureen Otway & Ole Pii

Wayne Beard & Wayne Dale

Luis Moran & John Pavlik

Sandie Dexter & Ted Cooper

Pat Modesto-Korenic, Wellington Lee & Frank Addison

John Pavlik, Tania Belsito, Janet Pavlik & Larry Belsito

Luis Moran, Pat Modesto-Korenic, Laurie Triggs, Murray Atherton & Tom Edwards

One of our fantastic photographers, Maureen Otway

Don Swaile, Richard Carlin, Jack Miles, Murray Atherton & Frank Addison

Maureen Otway, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Laurie Triggs

Lisa & Ted Cooper with Wayne Beard

Wellington Lee, Jack Miles, Sandie Dexter & Ken Bishop

Gary Read, Glen Steeves, Don Swaile & Ole Pii

Don Swaile, Ole Pii, Peter Paul de Souza & Alan Thompson

Laurie Triggs, Edna Ray, Claire Rottare, Susan Snider & Debby Stephenson

Leigh Cusack, Frank Addison & Richard Carlin

Pat Modesto-Korenic, Maureen Otway, Corae McCallems & Mike Durkin

Larry Belsito, Denis Forristal, Luis Moran & Tania Belsito

John Pavlik & Lisa Cooper

Marilyn Zurkowski, Stephen Elmy & Elizabeth Pantelidis  

Stephen Elmy welcomes the Old Farts and introduces President Gary Read

When everyone had enjoyed another fantastic Old Farts Summer Luncheon,
these were the "No Shows" who missed a great time


Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Sandie Dexter, Maureen Otway & Tom Edwards