Old Farts XI
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 15th, 2011

Welcome to new members:
Heather Bell, Judy Brooks, Leigh Cusack, Marilyn Gardner,
Vanessa Hardy, Katie Holder, Allen Krause, Terry Law,
Norman Read, Dorothy Robinson and Edie Swaile

And now for this year's pictures....

Norman Read, first and fastest, at the 2011 Christmas Luncheon

Stephen Elmy checks in Tom Edwards, Kathleen & Frank Addison and Mel Scott

Stephen Elmy checks in Doug Robertson

Denyse & Rick Perry with Stephen Elmy

2012 Old Farts Executive
Rick Buecking, Mike Durkin, Gary Read & Stephen Elmy

Sandie Dexter & Penny Dalton

Claire Rottare, Janet Rogers & Joan Pitman

Sandie Dexter, Larry Belsitio & Penny Dalton

Larry Belsito & Penny Dalton

David McCaig & Ole Pii

Tom Edwards, Leonard Zurkowski & Jim Warren

Penny Dalton, Don & Edie Swaile

Jim Warren, Laurie Triggs & Bud Alexander

Luis Moran, Frank Addison, Allen Krause & Kathleen Addison

Marsha & George Taylor and Laurie Triggs

Carole Robson & Jim Warren

Luis Moran & Sandie Dexter

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Mike Durkin

Ole Pii, Bud Alexander, Carole Robson & Jim Warren

Don & Edie Swaile

David McCaig & Maureen Otway

Clare Ash, Doug & Pene Hollingworth

Robin Montcalm, Gordon Ashmore & Maureen Otway

Frank Addison & David McCaig

Mel Scott, Dorothy Robinson & Katie Holder

Sandy Kollenz, Carole Robson, Gary Read & Joan Pitman

Ole Pii & Larry Belsito

Richard Webb, Marilyn Gardner, Rick Buecking, Nick Hughes & Lorill Fochaey

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Mike Durkin

Old Friends: Penny Dalton & Gordon Ashmore

Doug Robertson, Ole Pii & Robin Montcalm

Larry Belsito & Sandie Dexter

Sandy Kollenz, Carole Robson & Jim Warren

Gary Read & John Mee

Denyse & Rick Perry

Murray Atherton, Denyse & Rick Perry

Glen Steeves & Sandy Kollenz

Gary Read, John Mee & Don Hancock

Tom Edwards & Kevin Blacquiere

Old Farts Reception

David Elmy explains genome engineering to Bud Alexander & George Taylor

Marilyn Gardner, Lorill Fochaey, Rick Buecking & Nick Hughes
in line for some liquid refreshment

Marsha Taylor, Marilyn Gardner & George Taylor

Janet Pavlik & Pene Hollingworth

Larry Belsito & Glynis Symington

Clare Ash & Vic Nahkleh

Paul Murray, Richard Webb & Glen Steeves

David Elmy ("Are you kidding?"), David McCaig (Wow, did you see that?")
Judy Brooks & Marilyn Gardner

Susan Snider & David Elmy

Debby Stephenson & Robin Montcalm

Maureen Otway, Lorill Fochaey & Shirley Jackman

Ken Bjorge, Lisa Cooper & Jack Miles

Carae McCallems & Donna Wright

Mark Quayle, Roger Searson & Clare Ash

Glynis Symington, Murray Atherton & Susan Snider

Glynis Symington & Bob Southern

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Allen Krause

Susan Snider & Terry Law

Leonard Zurkowski, Ron Waterhouse & Tom Edwards

Charles Hardy, Kathleen Addison & Jack Miles

Ron Waterhouse & Bob Southern

Maureen Otway, Robin Montcalm & Adela Mikita

Bev Cutler & Doreen Staines

Lisa Cooper & Jeffrey Barnett

Kevin Blacquiere, Jim & Joyce McKeachie

Ted Allen & Janet Pavlik

Ken Bishop & Sandie Dexter

More happy Old Farts

Mike Durkin, Marilyn Gardner & Glen Dierker

And yet more Old Farts

And more........

Frank Cumming, Ron Barker & Allen Krause

Leonard Zurkowski & Sandie Dexter

Claire Rottare, Leonard Zurkowski & Rick Perry

John Mee & Sheila Harvey

Alan Thompson & Norman Read

Carole Robson & David Spaven

David McCaig, Sandy Kollenz & Judy Brooks

Leonard Zurkowski, Ron Waterhouse & Tom Edwards

Doug Robertson, Frank Addison & Terry Law

Penny Dalton, Robin Montcalm & Gordon Ashmore

Ted & Lisa Cooper and Kevin Blacquiere

Karen Kernaghan & Leonard Zurkowski

Ole Pii & Larry Belsito

Bob Harvey, Luis Moran, Sheila Harvey & Don Hancock

Ron Waterhouse & Gary Read

Martha Williams, Kathleen Addison & Doug Hollingworth

Susan Snider, Murray Atherton & Glynis Symington

Allen Krause, Pat Modesto-Korenic, Mike Durkin & Rick Buecking

Jim Warren, Glynis Symington & Ted Cooper

Vanessa Hardy, Lisa & Ted Cooper

Janet Pavlik & Nick Hughes

Ted Allen, Allan Thompson & Ole Pii

Paull Murray & Richard Webb

Ron Waterhouse & Penny Dalton

Roger Searson, Phil Storey & Doug Robertson

David McCaig & Sandy Kollenz

Katie Holder, Luis Moran & Dorothy Robinson

Bud Alexander, Marsha Taylor, Rick Buecking, Laurie Triggs & George Taylor

Penny Dalton, Don & Edie Swaile

Murray Atherton, Leigh Cusack, Rick Buecking, Ron Waterhouse & Larry Belsito

David McCaig, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Mike Durkin

Luis Moran, Kathleen & Frank Addison

Frank Addison & Allen Krause

Doug Robertson & John Mee

Doug Robertson, Don Swaile & Mel Scott

Clare Ash, Doug & Pene Hollingworth

Mike Durkin, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Allen Krause

Glen Steeves, Sandy Kollenz, Carole Robson & Jim Warren

Kevin Blacquiere & Lisa Cooper

Dorothy Robinson, Gordon Woida & Katie Holder

Ole Pii, Kevin Blacquiere, Doug Robertson & Glen Steeves

Richard Webb, Marilyn Gardner, Rick Buecking, Nick Hughes & Lorill Fochaey

Robin Montcalm, Lisa Cooper & Gordon Ashmore

Maureen Otway & Karen Kernaghan

Shirley Jackman, Corae McCallems, Marsha Taylor, Laurie Triggs & Marilyn Gardner

Bob Harvey, David Spaven, Don Hancock, Sheila Harvey & David McCaig

Luis Moran, Judy Brooks & David McCaig

Susan Snider, Luis Moran & Glynis Symington

Janet Pavlik, Don Hancock, Nick Hughes, Pene Hollingworth & John Pavlik

Larry Belsito & Frank Addison

Paull Murray, Richard Webb & Glen Steeves

Luis Moran & Vic Nakhleh

Bud Alexander, Karen Kernaghan & Mark Quayle

David Elmy, Judy Brooks & David McCaig

Corae McCallems, Luis Moran & Donna Wright

Luis Moran, Jack Miles & Larry Belsito

Jeffrey Barnett, ?? & Rick Buecking

David Elmy & Sandie Dexter

Luis Moran & David Elmy

Helen Dixon, Bud Alexander & Clive Dixon

Robin Montcalm, Martha Williams, John Mee & Susan Davis

Peter de Souza, Vanessa & Charles Hardy

Ted Allen, Alan Thompson & Ole Pii

Maureen Otway, Lorill Fochaey & Shirley Jackman

Bev Cutler & Doreen Staines

Doug Hollingworth, John Pavlik, Heather & George Bell, and Pene Hollingworth

Rick & Denyse Perry

Frank Addison, Wolfgang Walter & Allen Krause

Tom Edwards, Roger Searson & Phil Storey

Ted Grigg, Clare Ash & Ken Bjorge

Diane Trueman, Lorill Fochaey, Luis Moran & Hana Talimalo

Ron Barker, Phil Storey, Frank Cumming & Wolfgang Walter

Old Farts seated for Luncheon

Leonard Zurkowski, Hana Talimalo & Stephen Elmy

Paull Murray, Ron Waterhouse & Diane Trueman

Hana Talimalo helps Stephen Elmy with his wardrobe malfunction

More Old Farts

Stephen Elmy, Hana Talimalo & Leonard Zurkowski

Part of the group of Christmas Old Farts

More Old Farts

More Old Farts

More Old Farts

More Old Farts

John Mee, Corae McCallems, Donna Wright, Sandie Dexter
Penny Dalton, Janet Rogers, Karen Kernaghan & Debby Stehenson

Tom Edwards, Paull Murray, Ron Waterhouse, Diane Trueman,
Leonard Zurkowski, Hana Talimalo & Stephen Elmy

Laurie Triggs, George & Marsha Taylor, Susan Snider, Maureen Byrnell,
Susan Davis, Terry Law, Phil Storey & Roger Searson

Shirley Jackman, Bud Alexander, Jim Warren, Carole Robson
David McCaig, Judy Brooks, Joan Pitman & David Elmy

Lorill Fochaey, Marilyn Gardner, Ron Moore, Murray Atherton,
Wolfgang Walter, Doug Robertson, Clive & Helen Dixon

Jacques Malaspina, Katie Holder, Dorothy Robinson, Alan Thompson,
Nick Hughes, Glynis Symington, Jack Miles & Ole Pii

Ron Barker, ??, Jeffrey Barnett, Ken Bjorge,
Glen Steeves, Leigh Cusack & Denyse Perry

Richard Webb, George Bell, Janet Pavlik, Heather Bell, John Pavlik,
Doug & Pene Hollingworth, Clare Ash & Vic Nakhleh

Doreen Staines, Peter de Souza, Charles & Vanessa Hardy,
Gordon Ashmore, Don Hancock, Ted Allen, Bev Cutler & Adela Mikita

Gary Read, Glen Dierker, Mike Durkin, Bob Harvey,
Sheila Harvey, Rick Buecking, David Spaven, Mark Quayle & Norman Read

Patrick Wang, Jim & Joyce McKeachie, Ken Bishop, Bob Southern,
Bob Black, Mel Scott, Gordon Woida & David Chiu

Larry Belsito, Maureen Otway, Pat Modesto-Korenic,
Kathleen & Frank Addison, Allen Krause, Don & Edie Swaile, Kevin Blacquiere

Panorama shot of the 2011 Old Farts Luncheon

Photographs courtesy of Gary Read, Sandie Dexter, Tom Edwards & Luis Moran