Old Farts XI
Summer Luncheon

Sharkey's Seafood Bar & Grille
4953 Chisholm Street
Ladner, BC

June 16th, 2011

Welcome to new members:
Chris Rivers, Janet Rivers, George Bell,
Jeffrey Barnett, Peter Barnett, Allen Krause

Wellington Lee, Jack Miles, Leonard Zurkowski and Chris Rivers

David McCaig, Murray Atherton and Ole Pii  

Gordon Froese, Kevin Blacquiere, Ian Becket, Wayne Dale & Juanita Ollivier

Don Swaile, Mel Scott and Janet Rivers

George Bell, Dennis Holmes, Bob Tuss and Bert Ollivier

David McCaig and Tony Jones

David McCaig and Sandie Dexter

David McCaig, Frank Addison and Murray Atherton

Tony Jones, Charles Hardy and Wellington Lee

Mike Durkin, Laurie Triggs, Rick Buecking and David McCaig

Larry Belsito and Sandie Dexter

Larry Belsito, Leonard Zurkowski and Tony Jones

Juanita Ollivier, Robin Montcalm and George Bell

Bert Ollivier, George Bell and Dennis Holmes

Alan Thompson, Luis Moran and Susan Snider

Luis Moran

Joan & Ron Moore, Murray Atherton and Bob Tuss

Jack Miles, Chris & Janet Rivers and Wellington Lee

Ted Cooper and Janet Pavlik

Ken Bishop, Luis Moran and Wayne Dale

Ken Bishop and Wayne Dale

Mark Quayle, John Pavlik and Ken Bishop

Ivano Corazza and Jack Miles

Don Swaile and Gordon Ashmore

Ian Becket and Glen Steeves

Ivano Corazza and Rick Buecking

Murray Atherton, Leonard Zurkowski and Luis Moran

Mel Scott, Frank & Sandra Cumming

Tom Edwards and Bob Tuss

Alan Thompson and Charles Hardy

Ole Pii and Tony Jones

Debby Stephenson and Lisa Cooper

Group Shot on the Deck at Sharkeys

Larry Belsito

Group Shot on the Deck at Sharkeys

Group Shot on the Deck at Sharkeys

Susan Snider and Alan Thompson

Late Arrivals

Sandie Dexter taking a picture of someone taking a picture of her

Gordon Ashmore and Don Swaile

Larry Belsito and Alan Thompson

Mel Scott and Dennis Holmes

Juanita Ollivier and Robin Montcalm

Mike Durkin and Tom Edwards

Luis Moran, Mel Scott and Frank Addison

Ted Cooper and Janet Pavlik

Doug McIntyre, Mel Scott and Bob Tuss

Bikes of Luis Moran, Leonard Zurkowski, Doug McIntyre and Ivano Corazza

Mike Durkin, Wellington Lee and Juanita Ollivier

Wayne Dale, Alan Thompson and Rick Buecking

Ron and Joan Moore

Tony Jones, Alan Thompson and Rick Buecking

David McCaig and Laurie Triggs

Leonard Zurkowski and Luis Moran

Frank Addison, Allen Krause and Joan Moore

Mel Scott, Frank and Sandra Cumming

Jeffrey Barnett, Peter Buecking and Leonard Zurkowski

Murray Atherton, Mike Durkin and Ivano Corazza

Juanita Ollivier and Debby Stephenson

Alan Thompson, Charles Hardy and Bob Tuss

Don Swaile and Ian Becket

Wayne Dale, Sandie Dexter and Larry Belsiito

Larry Belsito, Sandie Dexter and Luis Moran

Ken Bishop, Frank Addison and Allen Krause

Glen Steeves, Kevin Blacquiere, Ian Becket and Wayne Dale

Ivano Corazza, Mel Scott, Leonard Zurkowski and Doug McIntyre

Frank and Sandra Cumming

Mark Quayle, Janet & John Pavlik

Peter Barnett, Lisa Cooper, Debbie Stephenson, Ted Cooper and Jeffrey Barnett

Gordon Ashmore, Robin Montcalm, Gordon Froese, Susan Snider & Don Quayle

Frank Addison, Ron & Joan Moore and Allen Krause

Chris Rivers, Wellington Lee and Janet Rivers

Sandie Dexter, Jack Miles, Charles Hardy and Ken Bishop

Charles Hardy, Luis Moran, Sandie Dexter and Ken Bishop

Laurie Triggs, Mike Durkin, Rick Buecking and David McCaig

Juanita Ollivier, George Bell, Dennis Holmes and Bert Ollivier

Bob Tuss, Ole Pii, Tony Jones and Alan Thompson

Murray Atherton, Tom Edwards, Luis Moran and Larry Belsito

Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Tom Edwards, Sandie Dexter & Luis Moran