Old Farts X
Christmas Luncheon

Floata Seafood Restaurant
180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, BC

December 9th, 2010

Welcome to new members:
Ken Bjorge, Ian Davis, Glen Dierker, Clive & Helen Dixon,
Nigel Elphick, Marlie Kelsey, Sandy Kollenz, Robin Montcalm,
Hank Oostveen, Alison Partridge, Carol Shippam,
George Taylor & Brian Walsh

The Vancouver Old Farts was founded on December 12th, 2001 when a small group of friends decided to get together for a Christmas luncheon with Leonard Zurkowski and Stephen Elmy who was visiting from Toronto. That first luncheon had 22 friends get together.  A year later, a couple of the original group suggested that we get together again and invite some more mutual friends. That 2nd gathering produced 52 friends and it was decided to make this an annual affair.  The group grew each year until we could not take more than 100 people in our original location, Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant, so in 2009, we moved to Floata Seafood Restaurant, where we are now welcoming in excess of 120 members at Christmas.  In 2008, we also decided to hold a Summer luncheon, which takes place at Sharky's Seafood Restaurant in Ladner.  This year, being our 10th Anniversary, we decided to get everyone a nice coffee mug, which serves to remind everyone that we are now 10 years old, but also to remind everyone of the website address. Two different mugs were created, one for Founding Members and the other for each and every one of you.

And now for this year's pictures....

Stephen Elmy and Tom Edwards get set up for the members arrivals

Tom Edwards and Stephen Elmy welcome the first arrival, Larry Belsito

Stephen Elmy checks in Alan Thompson

Frank Cumming, Joan Pitman & Mike Durkin

Nigel Elphick and Alison Partridge

Ron Waterhouse, Ken Bjorge & Leonard Zurkowski

Susan Hyatt with John & Janet Pavlik

Malcolm Nicholson & Gus Mendoza

Moira O'Brian, Tony Dalton & Robin Montcalm

Willy Thorogood & Stephen Elmy

Hana Talimalo gives Stephen Elmy a big Christmas hug

The Birthday Twins - Stephen Elmy & Adela Mikita

Maureen Otway & Stephen Elmy

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Valerie Fisher

Tony Dalton & Sandie Dexter check-in for today's 10th Anniversary luncheon

Murray Atherton, Luis Moran and Donna Wright

Bob Tuss, Corrine Moryson & Larry Belsito

Phil Storey & Sandie Dexter

Bud Alexander, Helen & Clive Dixon

Don Swaile & Nigel Elphick

Mike Durkin, Glen Steeves & Tony Jones

Leonard Zurkowski & Karen Fisher

Maureen Byrnell & Marlie Kelsey

Ron Waterhouse, Maureen Otway, Leonard Zurkowski & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Susan Snider, Carol Shippam, Donna Wright & Shirley Jackman

Marlie Kelsey, Mel Scott & Willy Thorogood

Graeme Halley, Doug Roberson & Nigel Elphick

Graeme Halley, Stephen Elmy & Tony Dalton

Sandy Kollenz & Mike Durkin

Susan Snider & Murray Atherton

David Moody, Charles Hardy & Ron Waterhouse

Doug Robertson, Nigel Elphick & Gus Mendoza

Maureen Otway, Willy Thorogood & Marilyn Byfield

Willy Thorogood, Ron Waterhouse & Marilyn Byfield

Mark Quayle, Jim Peerless, Don Swaile & Bob Southern

Malcolm Nicholson, Karen Fisher & Peter Paul de Souza

Tony Jones, Nick Hughes & Gary Read

Tom Edwards & Stephen Elmy checking in the Old Farts as they arrive

Pre-lunch social hour

Part of the happy group of Old Farts

Tables of Old Farts

More of the 2010 Old Farts Group

Old Farts gather to catch up with old acquaintances

More Old Farts

Glen Steeves, Tony Jones & Mike Durkin

Maureen Byrnell, Marlie Kelsey & John Mee

Jack Miles, Charles Hardy & Graeme Halley

Nigel Elphick & Alison Partridge

Doug Robertson, Alan Thompson & Tony Jones

Doug Robertson, Gary Read & Tony Jones

Mark Quayle, Jim Peerless & Bob Southern

Hana Talimalo, Sandie Dexter, Leonard Zurkowski & Diane Trueman

Debby Stephenson & Ole Pii

Scott Harrison, David Elmy & David McCaig

Gordon Rees & Diane Trueman

Lorill Fochaey & Karen Fisher

Sandy Schick & Don Swaile

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Bob Tuss

Ken Bjorge & Alison Partridge

Roger Searson & Hank Oostveen

Charles Hardy, Tony Dalton & Tony Jones

Joyce McKeachie, Mark Quayle & Jim McKeachie

Glen Dierker, David Chiu, Maureen Otway & Kevin Blacquiere

John Pavlik, Sandy Schick, Wayne Dale & David Elmy

Larry Belsito, Murray Atherton, Bob Tuss & Phil Storey

Donna Wright, Ken Bishop, Shirley Jackman & Carol Shippam

Maureen Byrnell, Nigel Elphick, Helen & Clive Dixon, Bob Southern

Wayne Dale & Roger Searson

Malcolm Nicholson, Glen Steeves & Karen Fisher

John & Janet Pavlik, Nick Hughes

Susan Hyatt, Moira O'Brian & Susan Snider

Leonard Zurkowski & Frank Cumming

Jim Peerless & Ken Bjorge

Marcia Pike, Don Hancock & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Graeme Halley & Tony Dalton

Sandie Dexter & Tony Dalton

Donna Wright, Corae McCallems & Sandy Schick

Ron Waterhouse & Sandie Dexter

Charles Hardy & Ron Barker

Hank Oostveen & Jack Miles

Mike Durkin & Marlie Kelsey

Peter Paul de Souza, Wendy Frost & Ken Bishop

Leonard Zurkowski, Diane Trueman & Hana Talimalo

Lynne Hooper & David Griffiths

David Moody, Brian Walsh & Don Swaile

Tony Dalton & Graeme Halley

Sandie Dexter, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Maureen Otway

Shirley Jackman, Susan Snider, Donna Wright & Carol Shippam

Larry Belsito, Murray Atherton, Bob Tuss & Phil Storey

Joyce McKeachie, Mark Quayle & Jim McKeachie

Helen Dixon, Bob Southern and Luis Moran look over an old Industry photo

Helen Dixon & Bob Southern with a very old Industry photo

Mark Scott, Karen Fisher & Malcolm Nicholson

Denis Forristal & Corrine Moryson

Maureen Otway, Ken Bjorge, Graeme Halley & David Elmy

Jim Peerless, Jeppe & Inge Friisdahl

Leonard Zurkowski & Mel Scott

Sandie Dexter, taking a photo of Susan Hyatt, Moira O'Brian & Susan Snider

Don Hancock, Marcia Pike & Ken Bishop

Shirley Jackman, Carol Shippam, Corae McCallems & Donna Wright

David Moody, Wolfgang Walter & Brian Walsh

Glen Dierker, Luis Moran & Charles Hardy

Sandie Dexter, Ron Waterhouse, Glen Dierker, Alison Partridge & Charles Hardy

Graeme Halley, Tony Dalton & Tony Jones

Doug Robertson, Gary Read, Larry Belsito, Murray Atherton & Bob Tuss

Debby Stephenson, Susan Hyatt & Jim Peerless

Luis Moran, Lynne Hooper, Alan Thompson, Mark Quayle & Tony Jones

Bob Southern, Mel Scott, Mark Quayle & Jim Peerless

Joan Pitman & Ken Bishop

Nick Hughes, Kim Jensen & Kevin Blacquiere

Peter Paul de Souza, Nick Hughes, Kim Jensen & Kevin Blacquiere

Jim McKeachie, Roger Searson, Bud Alexander & Joyce McKeachie

Gus Mendoza, Janet Pavlik, Susan Hyatt & John Pavlik

Gary Read, Karen Fisher & Jerry Szach

Maureen Otway, Willy Thorogood & Marilyn Byfield

Stephen Elmy & Tom Edwards taking a break at Check-In

David McCaig & David Elmy

Shirley Jackman, Carol Shippam & Karin Dyck

Adela Mikita & Ted Allen

Marcia Pike, Don Hancock & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Mel Scott, Tony Dalton & Frank Cumming

Jack Miles & Hank Oostveen

David Moody, Wolfgang Walter & Brian Walsh

Helen Dixon, Diane Trueman & Hana Talimalo

David Griffiths, Shirley Jackman, Bud Alexander & Lynne Hooper

Corrine Moryson & Ron Barker

Janet Pavlik & Glynis Symington

Ian Davis, Sandie Dexter, Peter Quinn & Glen Dierker

Maureen Byrnell & Malcolm Nicholson

Jack Miles, Sandy Kollenz & Larry Belsito

Kevin Blacquiere, Phil Storey & Ole Pii

Toni Bolton & Marcia Pike

Corrine Moryson, Hana Talimalo & Sandy Schick

Kim Jensen is a hit with Diane Trueman & Lorill Fochaey

Diane Trueman, Kim Jensen & Lorill Fochaey

Karin Dyck, Jacques Malaspina & Carol Shippam

Shirley Jackman, George & Marsha Taylor

Brian Walsh, Marlie Kelsey & Wayne Dale

Corae McCallems, John Mee, Diane Trueman & Ron Barker

Corae McCallems & Glynis Symington

Panorama shot of the 2010 Old Farts Luncheon

Leonard Zurkowski & Stephen Elmy get the festivities underway

Leonard Zurkowski & Stephen Elmy share some memories from the past 10 years

Tony Dalton, Sandie Dexter, Jack Miles & Charles Hardy

Jim & Joyce McKeachie

Robin Montcalm & Moira O'Brian

Bob Southern & Ken Bishop

Jerry Szach & Valerie Fisher

Peter Paul de Souza, Doreen Staines & Ted Allen

Gus Mendoza & Mel Scott

Stephen Elmy & Bob Tuss

Maureen Otway, Tom Edwards & Alison Partridge

Alison Partridge & Ron Waterhouse

Luis Moran, Larry Belsito & Doug Robertson

Ted & Lisa Cooper, Leonard Zurkowski & Stephen Elmy

We thank you for your support and encouragement
See you in June 2011

High Resolution copies of the pictures above,
are available by contacting
Leonard Zurkowski.
Please right-click on the photo, click "Save As"
and make note of the file name and include
this in your email to Leonard.

Photographs courtesy of Gary Read, Maureen Otway, Sandie Dexter, Luis Moran & Tom Edwards