Old Farts VIII
Summer Luncheon

Sharkey's Seafood Bar & Grille
4953 Chisholm Street
Ladner, BC

June 19th, 200

Gary Read & Paull Murray meet up outside Sharkey's

Stephen Elmy, Maureen Otway and Sandie Dexter

Mark Quayle tells Don Hancock, "I'd sell those Air Canada shares if I were you"

Gary Read tells Doreen Staines, "Come over this rail and I'll buy you a real beer"

Don Kennedy & Jack Miles

Ted Cooper & Gordon Woida

Stephen Elmy with Bill Rowe, his son Greg Rowe
and grandson Frazer Pelling

Mark Quayle, Maureen Byrnell, Don Hancock & Mel Scott

Don Swaile, Glen Steeves & Don Kennedy

Bill Harrison & Mark Quayle

Sandie Dexter, George Martin & Phil Storey

Paull Murray, Pat Spicer, Rick Buecking & Gary Read

Lillian Bishop, Rick Buecking & Carolyn Middaugh

Debby Stephenson & Bill Harrison

Mark Quayle seems to be telling Janet Pavlik, "Do you want to buy
Don Hancock's Air Canada shares?"

"Don, I just can't get anyone to buy those damn shares..."

Don Hancock & George Martin

Don Kennedy & Gordon Woida deep in conversation

Pat & Bill Spicer

Bill Harrison & Glen Steeves

An overhead view of the 2008 Summer Old Farts

George Martin holds court with some friends

Don Kennedy, Gordon Woida & Jack Miles

Leonard Zurkowski chats with Adela Mikita

Janet Pavlik & Rick Buecking

Another group shot of happy 2008 Summer Old Farts

Janet Pavlik & Bill Harrison chat with Susan Snider

Stephen Elmy chats with Ivano Corazza

Ken Bishop with Maureen Otway, wife Lillian and Pat Modesto-Korenic

Colene Wotherspoon with Paull Murray

Rick Buecking chats with Carolyn Middaugh

Rick's still chatting with the ladies...

Old Air Canada Reunion
George Martin, Gordon Woida & Bob Black

Jack Miles, Don Kennedy & Don Swaile

Alan Thompson chats with Don Kennedy

Everyone's seated and waiting for lunch

Jack Miles takes his seat with Kathleen & Frank Addison

Gordon Woida and Bill & Pat Spicer listen to the restauranteur and staff

Susan Snider, Maureen Byrnell, Maureen Otway, Pat Modesto-Korenic
and Colene Wortherspoon

Mel Scott, Leonard Zurkowski, Stephen Elmy & Paull Murray

Deddy Geese is asking Tom Edwards if his name tag is at this table

Phil Storey, Sandie Dexter, Frazer Pelling & Greg Rowe

Jack Miles, Kathleen & Frank Addison, Leonard Zurkowski

Pat Modesto-Korenic asks Gary Read, "You teach Old Farts to use BlackBerry's,
as well as the Internet?" while Maureen Otway and Deddy Geese look on

They don't look like twins but they were born in the same hospital

Mark Quayle explains life in the southern suburbs to Janet Pavlik
while Don Hancock listens and agrees

Adela Mikita says, "I can't believe what I'm hearing behind me.."

Deddy Geese and Bob Black

Tom Edwards to Bert Ollivier, "Good luck with the book"

Bill Spicer, Rick Buecking & Alan Thompson

Pat Spicer & Gordon Woida

Gary Read entertains this group of ladies

Carolyn & Gary Middaugh, our "Guests of Honour", with Ken & Lillian Bishop

Janet Pavlik, Lisa & Ted Cooper and John Pavlik

Mark Quayle, Don Hancock & George Martin

Photographs courtesy of Leonard Zurkowski, Sandie Dexter & Gary Read