Old Farts VIII
Christmas Luncheon

Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant
102 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC

December 11th, 2008

Welcome to the following new members for 2008:
Richard Webb, Ruy Paes-Braga, Bob & Bernice Horsman,
John Mee, Gus Mendoza, Charles Archibald, Marcia Pike,
Maureen Byrnell, Ivano Corazza, Karen Irvine & Hana Talimalo

Stephen Elmy & Sheila Harvey

Stephen Elmy, Lisa Cooper & Mel Scott

Alan Thompson, Roger Searson, Richard Webb & Maureen Otway

Rick Buecking, Alan Thompson, Jack Miles & Roger Searson

"Just do as I say, and sit over here with me..."
Peter Paul De Souza & Ruy Paes-Braga

Peter Paul De Souza & Ruy Paes-Braga

Bill Harrison, Diane Trueman, Gordon Woida, Susan Snider & Terry Bellinger

Bob & Bernice Horsman

Doug Robertson & Tom Edwards

Ron Moore, Murray Atherton & Joan Moore

Gus Mendoza checks out the wine, while Leonard Zurkowski & Charles Hardy discuss the beer.

Jim Warren, Jim Whyte & Alan Clogg

Ted Cooper says, "Hi, welcome to my table"

Bob & Sheila Harvey, with Diane Hardouin

Leonard Zurkowski & John Mee

Alan Thompson & Stephen Elmy

David Elmy, Karin Dyck & Sandi Reynolds

Corae McCallems & Alan Thompson

Getting ready for the luncheon....

Don Hancock & Gordon Ashmore

George Martin & David Cornock


Marcia Pike, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper, Adela Mikita & Doreen Staines

Murray Atherton & Jack Miles

Ted Allen & Wendy Jimenez

Harry Trueman, Charles Archibald & Diane Trueman

Bud Alexander, Ron & Joan Moore

Janet & John Pavlik & Bill Harrison

Frank Addison & Wellington Lee

Jack Miles & Jim Whyte

Charles Hardy & Ken Bishop

Debby Stephenson & Bob Southern

Ted Cooper & John Mee

Jack Miles & Bill Rowe

Glen Steeves & Pat Spicer

Joan Moore, Glen Steeves, Janis & Dave Grimmer

Don Hancock & Bill Spicer

Bill Rowe, Wellington Lee & Jack Miles

Bob Southern, Susan Snider & Penny Dalton

David Cornock & Marcia Pike

Peter Paul De Souza & Jim Whyte

Colene Wotherspoon & Gus Mendoza

Phil Storey, John Nicholson, Ivano Corazza & Ruy Paes-Braga

Bob Harvey, Paull Murray, Sheila Harvey & Mike Durkin

Pat & Bill Spicer

Terry Bellinger, Gordon Woida & Peter Quinn

Leonard Zurkowski, Ruy Paes-Braga & Alan Clogg

Leonard Zurkowski & Maureen Otway

Gus Mendoza, Don Hancock, Ted Allen & Gordon Ashmore

Roger Searson, Diane & David Hardouin

Karen Irvine & Mike Durkin

Deddy Geese, John Mee, Jim Whyte, Paull Murray & Roger Searson

Mel Scott & Penny Dalton

Alan Thompson, Roger Searson, Richard Webb & Maureen Otway

Marilyn Byfield & Karen Kernaghan

Shirley Jackman & Gordon Froese

Lisa & Ted "Santa" Cooper

Maureen Otway & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Joan Moore, Dave & Janis Grimmer

Bill Spicer, Bill Rowe & David Cornock

Jack Miles, Pat Modesto-Korenic, Gordon Ashmore & Richard Webb

Maureen Otway & Maureen Byrnell

Ruy Paes-Braga & Gordon Woida

Leonard Zurkowski & Peter Paul De Souza

Bob & Bernice Horseman, Jack Miles

Penny Dalton, Adela Mikita, Doreen Staines & Peter Paul De Souza

Tony Dalton, Ron & Joan Moore

Lisa Cooper, Debby Stephenson & Gordon Ashmore

Marilyn Byfield & Susan Snider

Murray Atherton, John Nicholson & Doug Robertson

Wellington Lee & Gordon Ashmore

Susan Davis, Doug McIntyre, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Jim Whyte

Karen Irvine, Maureen Otway & Karen Kernaghan

Ken Bishop & Jack Miles

It'ssssssss Show Time........
Doug Robertson & Frank Addison

David & Diane Hardouin & Pat Modesto-Korenic

Alan Thompson, Wendy Jimenez & John Mee

Maureen Otway, Marilyn Byfield & Maureen Byrnell

Penny Dalton & Janet Pavlik

Gus Mendoza, Don Hancock, Ted Allen & Gordon Ashmore

David Elmy, Jim Cameron & Peter Quinn

Phil Storey & Sandi Reynolds

John Mee, Maureen Otway & Leonard Zurkowski

John Nicholson, Frank Addison & Gordon Froese

Doug Robertson & Tom Edwards

Lisa Cooper, Colene Wotherspoon & Ted Cooper (and his coat)

Doug McIntyre & Bill Spicer

Sheila Harvey, Mark Quayle & Bob Harvey

Diane Trueman, Harry Trueman & Bill Rowe

Karen Kernaghan & Marilyn Byfield

Adela Mikita, Bob Southern & Doreen Staines

Peter Paul De Souza, Doug McIntyre, Ruy Paes-Braga & Luis Moran

Ted Allen, John Mee & Peter Paul De Souza

Ted Allen, Doreen Staines & Peter Paul De Souza

Corae McCallems & Marilyn Byfield

Frank Addison, Bill Rowe & Bob Horsman

Richard Webb, Doug Robertson, Ivano Corazza & Frank Addison

Wendy Jimenez & Alan Thompson

David Cornock, Karin Dyck & Shirley Jackman

Wellington Lee, Richard Webb & Jim Warren

David Cornock's telling George Martin, "I love you, George"

Debby Stephenson, Karen Kernaghan, Pat Modesto-Korenic & Janet Pavlik

Glen Steeves & John Pavlik

Janis & Dave Grimmer, Bernice Horsman

Gus Mendoza, Terry Bellinger & Susan Snider

Wellington Lee, Colene Wotherspoon & Ted Cooper (and his jacket)

Ted Allen & Mike Durkin

Pat Modesto-Korenic & Karen Irvine

Bob & Sheila Harvey, Diane Hardouin & Marcia Pike

Mark Quayle & Bob Harvey

Doug McIntyre & Bill Spicer

David Elmy, Jim Cameron & Peter Quinn

Phil Storey & David Hardouin

Sandi Reynolds, Deddy Geese, Hana Talimalo & Jim Whyte

John Mee, Alan Clogg & Bud Alexander

Charles Archibald, Diane Trueman, Harry Trueman & Hana Talimalo

Deddy Geese, Corae McCallems & Leonard Zurkowski

Happy Old Farts

More Old Farts

Bob & Bernice Horsman, Susan Snider & Gordon Woida

Luis Moran, Bernice & Bob Horsman

Wellington Lee, Joan & Ron Moore, Murray Atherton

Wendy Jimenez, Gordon Froese & Shirley Jackman

Peter Paul De Souza, Doug McIntyre & Ruy Paes-Braga

Penny Dalton, Susan Davis & Maureen Byrnell

Richard Webb, Paull Murray & Jack Miles

Roger Searson, Frank Addison & John Pavlik

"We're ready. Where's the food?"
Bob Southern & Ken Bishop

Bill Harrison, Debby Stephenson, Dave & Janis Grimmer

Luis Moran & Charles Hardy

Lisa Cooper, Adela Mikita & Doreen Staines

Gus Mendoza, George Martin, David Cornock & Don Swaile

Don Swaile, Don Hancock & Gordon Ashmore

George Martin, Janis Grimmer & David Cornock

This seat is reserved for Bill Rowe

Pat & Bill Spicer

Claire Rottare & Karen Irvine

Glen Steeves, Paull Murray & Charles Hardy

Stephen Elmy starts the proceedings

"This is how you hold your chopsticks," says Stephen Elmy
"This is how I hold my beer," says Tom Edwards

Old Farts Group

Old Farts Group

Old Farts Group

Bob Southern

A BIG 'Thank You' to Lauren Wilken who supplied the name tags but was too ill to join us
Photographs courtesy of Maureen Otway, Gary Read, Leonard Zurkowski & Luis Moran