Old Farts I

Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant
102 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC

December 12th, 2001


Tom Edwards, Michael Hume-Powell & Mark Quayle

Ron Waterhouse, Ron Barker & Rick Perry

Don Brandt & Leonard Zurkowski

Sandra & Frank Cumming

Ted & Lisa Cooper

Ted Grigg, Mel Scott & Jim Lim

Mike Hagen, Bill Duplak, Michael Watson & Rick Buecking

Douglas McIntyre, Mark Quayle & Gordon Froese

Ron Barker, Gary Read, Graeme Halley & ??

Michael Hume-Powell, Tom Edwards, Rick Perry & Ron Waterhouse

?? & ?? Groves

Jim Lim, Frank Cumming, Mike Hagen & Douglas McIntyre


More Cheers!!!

Waiting for lunch

Gordon Froese, Douglas McIntyre & Mark Quayle

Jeppe & Inge Friisdahl, Stephen Elmy & Sandra Cumming

Another group shot

And one more...

More Old Farts

And More...

Never take a picture while looking into a mirror....

Photographs courtesy of Stephen Elmy